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Karndean & Vinyl Flooring

Today’s modern laminates are appealing and extremely practical for families and rooms with high traffic and are available in many styles, colours and variations from beech to oak giving the appearance of natural wood grains.

Vinyl flooring is highly durable and resistant to fading, scratches and general wear and tear. A good choice for families with kids in the household. It is also resistant to water damages, spills and stains making it a popular choice for kitchen and bathroom floors, where any spill can be easily wiped down with any floor cleaner.

Karndean is simply beautiful vinyl flooring. Warm and quiet underfoot, versatile, realistic, durable and low maintenance.

We have a tremendous range of vinyl flooring to choose from that is suitable for all living areas.

With our help and advice you are certain to find the best flooring suitable for your home.