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Electric Curtain Tracks

A motorized curtain track can help you effortlessly control your curtains, whether you want to welcome the morning sunshine into your bedroom or achieve the right ambient lighting for a film night. We can automate straight, curved or angled curtain rails, giving you the ultimate convenience in home motion control.

Thanks to the Somfy Glydea™ electric curtain technology, you’ll never again have to leave the comfort of your bed or sofa to achieve your ideal room lighting. Temperature and light sensors can also be added, taking the hassle out of your hands completely.

Close or open your curtains fully or halfway with just the push of a button. You can even set your preferred position for instant recall. If you wish to still operate your curtains manually, then just give them a gentle tug and the clever Glydea™ system will do the rest for you, with no damage to your railing or fabric.

We are a "Somfy Expert" and Silent Gliss specialist.