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As life gets more hectic, we are constantly looking for ways to make things easy. We rightly want every element of our homes to be beautiful and functional. A wire-free system fits discreetly into your home and makes your life much easier. Wire-free motors run on batteries and sit out of sight behind your blind. There is no need to sink any wires into your walls as the motor of your blind is operated by remote control. This means our motorised blinds can be installed into your current décor quickly and easily.

Exceptional battery life

The Somfy wire-free system is powered using high quality lithium batteries, which can last up to 3 years depending on the blind size and number of operations. A loadable battery wand is also available if you prefer to use your own rechargeable batteries.

Solar Power

Using the sun energy to power your blinds is not only cost effective, it’s good for the planet too. The Somfy Wirefree Solar Pack works using a small photo voltaic solar panel. At just 41 mm deep, this slimline panel is very discreet, yet easily able to deliver constant power to the rechargeable battery, even when it’s cloudy.

No fuss, no mess and powered for free

The Wirefree Solar Pack is easy to fit without damaging your décor at all. The solar panel fits onto your window, hidden by the fabric of your blind and is simply plugged into the rechargeable battery. The Wirefree Solar Pack will give a minimum of 5 years operation.